"... we pay special attention to SMEs in Tessin..."

we particularly focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) active in Tessin, although we are able to serve even more complex companies and across the Swiss territory thanks to our language skills and our contacts network.

During their professional experience, our professionals specialize in the following industries:

  • financial industry: banks, securities dealers, investment fund managers and distributors, independent asset managers, trustees, financial advisors, investment and holding companies, gambling houses;
  • industrial / manufacturing industry: companies active in the manufacture of products, machineries and components;
  • real estate / construction industry: real estate companies, real estate management companies, construction companies, architecture studios, civil engineering firms, artisans;
  • fashion / luxury industry: companies active in the development and sale of clothing and luxury goods;
  • trading industry: companies active in the trading of raw materials and commodities;
  • fintech industry: companies active in blockchain and crypto economy;
  • OTA - Online Travel Agencies industry: companies active in travel and leisure management.

In addition, our professionals have had the opportunity to serve the following types of companies:

  • companies active in the development, production and sale of medicines and materials for hospitals;
  • companies active in the development, production and sale of consumer products;
  • companies active in the metallurgical industry / foundries;
  • companies active in the development, sale and management of important and complex engineering projects;
  • companies active in catering;
  • companies active in the processing and wholesale distribution of fruit and vegetables;
  • companies active in the management of patents;
  • companies active in scholarship and teaching;
  • companies active in national and international transport;
  • companies active in the organization of fair events;
  • foundations for humanitarian and charitable purposes;
  • associations.